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360° Surveillance System

1,2B. TECH Student, ECE Department, SRM University, Chennai, India
3Assistant Professor, ECE Department, SRM University, Chennai, India
1desiveera96@gmail.com, 2coolgyerajan@gmail.com, 3nithya.v@ktr.srmuniv.ac.in

Using the internet and wireless communication, video surveillance can now be used and watched from anywhere in the world. This is put to use to great effect in personal residences, as homeowners are now able to utilize inexpensive video surveillance as a form of home security. The Surveillance System is a solution to the problems faced with the home security cameras. If there is one particular camera positioned on a wall between two rooms, only one room can be seen at a time unless your login to the camera software to rotate it manually. The camera would never record the action if someone were to walk into the opposite room. To solve this problem, a camera is attached to the motion tracking base so that it would automatically re position itself in the direction in which the motion is detected. Multiple ultrasonic motion sensors are used to detect movements within a given range. The camera is rotated by the servo motor in the direction in which movement is detected. A Micro SD Card feature provided in the camera stores the recording for future purposes also. Multiple LED “status” lights are positioned inside the base to indicate motion detection by the ultrasonic sensors.

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